Make your skin look clean and beautiful with this Beauty facial kit from Trendy.

The Beauty facial kit from Trendy is designed to provide beauty with an indulgent spa facial that they can give themselves in the comfort of their own homes. Facial treatment using the products from the Trendy Beauty facial kit will leave your skin polished, cleansed, and feeling fresh due to the unique formula that contains rich, natural active ingredients.

Cleanser helps you to keeps natural oils of skin yet removes dirt, gunk & excess oils.

Charcoal scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and goes deep into the skin to remove blackheads and whiteheads. It also builds the skin’s immunity against damage and pollution.

Face Pack is powerful combination of Kaolin & Niacin amide it also improves skin blood circulation.

Massage Cream helps in prevent Skin Inflammations it also moisturises & hydrates Skin after facial process and prevents Pre-Mature ageing and helps to remove wrinkles & skin fatigue.

Aloevera Gel contains aloevera extracts combats fine lines and wrinkles, thereby helping to reverse ageing of the skin and leaving it soft and glowing.

BV: 250.00,
Presentation: 5 jar x 50g
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